It would be relatively simple to make a circuit which oscillates at a fixed frequency anywhere in that range, but being able to adjust from DC to 5MHz with one HV device would be very tricky and expensive. Everything else is fine. There is a return for the HV output in the U somewhere, if you hold the HV wire close while it’s running you’ll soon find the one it likes. You can use a variety of values here. In the twin coil example you might also need a snubber. Hello, some ignition coils have an internal resistor others have no internal resistor witch coil is better to use for an AC ignition coil driver?

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There are many possible reasons for transistor failiures in inverter circuits like these. They will burn out if connected across 12V. You didn’t show the gate driver circuit. If i manage to build this i will post the schematics and the source code in case someone is interested.

Ignition Coils (Penguin’s Lab)

Are you planning to incorporate ignltion on a combustion or hybrid cannon project? Please be aware that the output from this terminal is highly dangerous and quite deadly. Is this feasible on this board? PCB artwork coming soon for anyone whos interested.


I want to use the ignition coils so i don,t doil damage to the NST,also my Capacitor is a salt water capacitor it works poorly how could i make a better cap or buy ones that would work?

For use as a Mmosfet power supply this needs to happen rapidly over and over. I built a very similar circuit myself. I wanted to add one more thing. Sign up using Email and Password.

DB, The 1n is there do do this in both diagrams. If the output is loaded, then there is usually no problem. You should also have a 10k resistor between gate and GND. By applying a square wave signal from a signal generator, the transistors will switch the large currents for the coils on and off in time with the signal. I would like to increase the frequency of the high voltage output of my ac ignition coil driver.

What values would be appropriate?

NE555 ignition coil driver

In the original ignition coil wires there seems to be about 1kOhm resistance, and now I think I know why, thanks! And you could run it for as long as you want. Richard J NZMatch coils will work better. Sorry spudders, it’s a lot of theory beyond the basics of spudding. Typically from a 12V source with a circuit like the one above, the sparks will be upto 5cm.


Creating very high voltage is not necessary and can produce dangerous x-rays when applied to vacuum tubes. The MOV chosen must be able to dissipate the power ans have a voltage rating that will cause it to activate before the voltage gets too high for the drive circuit. High Voltage is generated by this device! It is totally dependant upon your loads impedance.

Albert Yes, See above. Do I need necessarily use optocoupler?

It’s a little heavy on electronics theory. Whenever I draw arcs, it seems that my comparator dies.

You would have to treer to the coiil for more specific details. When this flow of current is halted the magnetic field which was sustained by that current will collapse. If the outputs are connected together they will operate as a single ignition coil would but with the potential to deliver 2x the current. Where can a finde a pulse modulator that can make good modulated square wave?

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