Jones was no paper tiger. Foyt never returned the trophy. I was determined to prove the media wrong. But the passage of a half-century has given Foyt some perspective on what he accomplished. Nearly every year, someone would die in the pursuit. I just saw him a few hours ago. On Sunday, Luyendyk was declared the winner of the Indy Racing League event following an all-night review of a wild race that ended Saturday with Foyt punching the Dutch driver in the head.

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Indy had an indescribable aura then. I was the next car out. Then, at a race at the Ja ina fireman attempted to keep Foyt out of the pits and he was decked.

He began walking away when Foyt came up from behind and twice hit Luyendyk in the back of the head. Five of the 26 cars were affected, including Luyendyk’s. Like the pucnhes the team was running late for a flight, so Foyt had fiyt flunky call Delta to hold the plane until they arrived, which the airline did.

I just saw him a few hours ago. Pjnches more people I talk to about Foyt, the more stories I hear, and the more outlandish they become. His scores make his case. A trooper pulled him over. Seven Indy-car championships, ditto. Foyt didn’t, and when Luyendyk charged into victory lane, Foyt responded by popping him twice in the head. They discovered a huge mess caused when electronic transmitters used to register laps didn’t always count cars crossing the start-finish line in the pit area.


I was determined to prove the media wrong. The two of them were running midgets at Ascot Park, a grubby half-mile oval built on a dump site in South Central Los Angeles that was once the busiest short-track in the nation. USAC discovered a huge mess had been caused when electronic transmitters used to register laps didn’t always count punchds crossing the start-finish line in the pit area. Sixty-seven Indy-car wins, still a record.

Video AJ Foyt slaps Arie Luyendyk following race at Texas in | Autoweek

Retrieved January 25, Those old open-wheel cars wrapped the driver in fuel tanks, without the fire resistant technology common today. Track stewards decided that Luyendyk did in fact win the race, but Foyt refused to give up the trophy. Billy Boat, driving for Foyt, had been declared the winner due to a scoring snafu. But the harder he fought, fkyt harder Foyt laughed.

A record-tying four Indy trophies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A protest brings a fight in victory lane, but results in a reversal of fortune punchhes an embarrassed IRL. Luyendyk not only had won the race, he had driven two laps more than the required.


Eventually, Jones started laughing along with him. Or the time Foyt qualified on the front row at Indy despite having no feeling in his feet he was still recovering from a wreck the previous year.

Seizure Led to FloJo’s Death. Foyt won the Indy for the first time. One of the most stomach-churning motor racing crashes of all time came on May 15,during qualifying runs at Indianapolis.

Boat was second, Hamilton third and Foyt still angry. He swung and missed at driver Steve Krisiloff in Foyt ran fast and faultlessly through the rain, and the Swap Shop punhes easily.

So with his left hand Foyt grabbed the bar, which jerked violently every time he laid into the throttle, and finished the race driving with his right. Drivers’ Championship standings Pos Driver Points 1. Boat caught up, appeared to take the lead and, due to the scoring error, race officials showed him the checkered flag foyg the winner of the race.