If the light blinks amber but no message appears on the PC, the following might have occurred: The installation program displays a question asking whether you would like to view the Release Notes. Contents Accessing printer features Using the printer properties dialog box Using the default document properties dialog box Windows NT only Using the status monitor Please do not attempt to operate or repair this equipment without adequate training. E You can also make sample cards, using driver files or your card creation application to test print quality and card design. Before you call for service, make sure you have the information recorded during troubleshooting, as described on page Possible Cause Action You are attempting to install an older version 3.

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The printer also requires one or more smart card serial cable s if a smart card module is installed. Datacard Alcohol Cleaning Pen. Print a Windows test page card to verify image imagecarrd.

Datacard ImageCard S2 ID Card Printer

Printing on cards that have been imagefard might introduce substances that interfere with card printing or damage the printer. The printer driver includes new color settings. Two cards might have been picked. Follow these steps to make printer test cards on all supported Windows operating systems.


Also make sure that the printer is powered on and connected to the PC and resume the Status Monitor. Use proper lifting techniques.

Product Listing – IdentiSys

Install an additional parallel port in the PC if needed. If more than one printer is installed to this PC, you can choose to make this printer the default or use another printer as the default.

Printer cleaning card 3 Insert the printer cleaning card on the input rollers, which you can see after removing the card cartridge see Figure If you do, clean it. Please restart the PC and run datacad installation again.

The printer module is cleaned and the printer is ready to resume normal operation. IATA allows spaces, upper case alphabetic characters, numeric characters, and the following special characters: The encoded data should datacrd the data printed on the test card.

Do not defeat or bypass the ground lead. Cleaning The Duplex Module Clean duplex from the popup menu. Click the value you want.

B-6 Printer cleaning card. Print quality problems What you see Possible causes Solutions The leading or trailing edge of the printed card is not the expected color. Printhead cartridge The printhead, contained in the printhead cartridge, applies heat and pressure, which transfers dye and other material from the print ribbon to the card.


Pre-punched card block-out areas The dimensions show how far from the edge any punched areas must be dimensions include any tolerance: Decrease the printhead intensity setting. Don’t show me this message again. The printer will operate in compatible or IBM AT mode; however, the printer might not operate as fast.

The printhead is not installed properly. Click OK to restart the PC. Sharp objects can permanently damage the printhead. E Replace the card cartridge. Open the accessories bag and remove the contents. Run a test card. Remove completed cards from daatacard output stacker to distribute printed cards.

Place the Select printer on a stable platform; keep it off the floor.