Now I know why they call it AudioSnap. I’m not at that point in my MIDI learning curve yet An instrument track just combines the two and makes the process more transparent. Sending MIDI voice information possible? Or, as Brundlefly suggested, I’ll have to ”

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What a great forum this is.

Please excuse me if I get my terminology mixed up, I will try to state my issue clearly and please ask if it is unclear I would appreciate any help! I can’t find any simple way to view or edit this information manually.

I wasted a good amount of time on that one trying to figure it out One of the big advantages of living on this side of the planet is the music obsession of ddgx Japanese and the availability of used kit at low prices. Think MIDI data coming out of track into the synth. DerekparametricSaul.

Basic MIDI Question (aka MIDI Mental Midget Meets His Match)

Forums Posts Latest Posts. Guess we’ll just have to keep bashing at yamaha to come up with a solution.

Even though things are working ok now, I know I’ve still got a lot to learn about this stuff. On or near a dike Posts: Also changing the subbank resulted in some changing of the voice. It might be possible someone with a knowledge of electronics could modify it in some way but I’m pretty sure we would have heard about it if someone had.


Ah, Fozzer posted whilst I was writing. If you need proper midi ports then look to Roland or Korg and if you then “need” that Yamaha sound buy a Motif ES rack and plug that in to your midi ports. Search New posts Modi Register. For example, if I play the electric piano part while the bass part is doing a pitch bend using the pitch wheel, then the electric piano part does a pitch bend along with the bass.

Mdi will explore them when I get home from work later tonight and report back to you. If you get stuck, it will be a lot easier for people here to hel if you don’t have ten different issues at once.

Using Instruments built in MIDI Controller – Avid Pro Audio Community

Dear community I have recently started using Ableton Live Lite to test out some of my music gear. Hear my musings at www.

Tue Feb 14, I’ll check it out again when I get home. I’ve noticed that when I insert a soft synth into a project it creates 2 tracks. Watton, Norfolk, UK Status: You’ve got a lot going on here, and a rgx to learn. Here are a few pointers: There’s obviously a need for such a device out there so may be worthwhile someone taking the project on.


But I do know that Live only sends one program change at the beginning of the clip. But anyway, thanks again and I’ll report back with hopefully progress.

Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-620 Owner’s Manual: Midi Implementation Chart

Fort Worth, TX Status: If you start copying clips around that are all recorded as channel 1, you can get screwy results. Totally agree with the penny pinching comments. Mount Colah, Sydney, Australia Posts: Ultimately, forcing a channel reassignment on the MIDI dx itself did the trick, using the dropdown menu that appears when clicking on the area of the track where the CH is. There are then two ways to control egx sound responds to your playing: It’s true, many users would never use midi ports but it’s also true to say that they would see more people buying these instruments if they did in fact have proper midi ports.