On the other had, failed port on a cheap or not so switch was not a major surprise…. I originally had a blue flashing health light that I determined to be a failure of system files loading during start up. Modify your browser’s settings to allow Javascript to execute. It was a lot easier, and smoother then I expected. If you run into trouble let me know and I will help you as best I can.

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I removed all existing hard drives and inserted the flash drive into the bottom most rear USB port.

The MediaSmart gave me no feedback apart from some happy-sounding hard drive noises. Javascript is netwwork in this browser.

I tried running the restore DVD, powering up netwofk server, hitting the paperclip button when it flashed red, but it failed to make it through all the steps. In the Network and Sharing Center, make sure that Network discovery is on. Check it out at the following link. Does your internet access go away around the time you see the error, then come back when it clears up? Comments are closed, visit the forums to continue the discussion.

HP MediaSmart Server EX Network Health Issues

Let me say that the blind install instructions could never get me running, found out that for some reason the USB LAN Adapter was showing with a Code 10 error. If you do this please send me a PM and point me to your post so I do not miss it. The ex70 was developed by people who hacked VGA output into their servers. It might be useful if you could tell us exactly what warnings you’re seeing Too proprietary, too many risks should the hardware fail power supply for one.


You will really want to make several copies of these files and protect them. If you had special configurations set in your router for your server you will need to correct the settings to reflect the new IP and MAC Address in the router. That would argue that your router is rebooting frequently, which could lead to network health warnings. Netork Schedule is abit tight but if you send me a PM reminding to look into it I will replicate your problem on an EX and see if I can find a simple solution for you.

Your new LAN port should be fully functional and your server should regain its connectivity to your network. Browser Internet Explorer 6.

HP MediaSmart EX470 (GG795AA) Server

Help would be appreciated. Computer Requirements Any computer capable of running the supported operating systems listed in the following table. Hi RG, Actually using your drives in your friends server is a good idea and it will do no harm to his server provided the drives are all in good working order.

But down the road should you find yourself in a Server Recovery Situation I will be willing to help you and others out who are using alternate NICs. Apart from the solid chassis and power supply, even the original-spec MediaSmart soundly beats a Pi at just about everything.


Do you think I need to make any changes or would the steps be the same? If so, be sure to Rate them at WeGotServed. If not, I will have to try this. To do this you need to either RDP to your servers desktop or if your debug cable is connected just logon to your servers desktop. Why not just use a Raspberry Pi? Goodbye Drobo and Iomega…. I would believe you could apply the same to your Acer H Then once the next guide is put up everything will be complete.

Guide: How to resolve a failed LAN Port on your server —

I have been wanting to try things like streaming but had no time to get around it yet. Thanks so much for this guide. Now I have connectivity to my server! Looking at the back from the e4x70 — not sure if that is what you meant as far as your orientation the left light is solid amber and the right one is flashing yellow.

You could try going through the router setup in the WHS Console again.