Look at my post and pictures here. This message is already taken away in version 5. To set up NAT address, please do the following: Prior to log in, you check with GeoVision on your most current address. Another thing about these cards – don’t expect 7. If the first port is not connected, you might not be able to view video from other ports at all. Set up Audio Recording How To:

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There are some nice features in BI. I need this information to configure my router. Delete all GeoVision application software using “un-install”. I was looking at the geovision gv but have noticed it only has 1 chip as well. Moreover, you would have to be sure that you have tested your “dynamic IP address” to be correct. New camera screen comes up, select video tab. I am actually using blue iris as my software for over 2 years now.

If you disable the “Enable full screen mode” feature in the configuration manual, your video should be OK.

Some cable and DSL service providers block out port 80 on end-users. Some of the common ones used by GeoVision software are: Posted March 1, edited. Installation related and general questions 1. Verify with your network provider to see if http port 80 is opened for transmission. How can I resolve this? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Check out our cctv help guide page. What are the ports used by GeoVision servers and software?


Custom Multi-Camera Kits 2. I have found that with BT cards, Windows can only use a limited number of channels, usually just one, sometimes This web site will scan your IP ports and will advise which ones are opened. geovusion

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If you plan to install our GV-DSP card Real-time display cardor to use the full screen video mode display videos from cameras only on these motherboards, then you can’t see the image on screen. If there are multiple disks you’ve selected to record the data, once the first drive free space becomes less than MB, then the recording will jump to the next one, and the next one, and so on.

Zoneminder can capture cameras at full resolution x – a memory settings tweak is all thats necessary. Also the inputs are not in order they are all mixed up. This network has gateway and firewall to the Internet. This verifies that your browser works OK. Go to Windows Explorer, find and delete the followings: The first step is to contact your DSL or cable modem supplier to geovislon if they would open up port 80 for you.


Is the Geovision (S) a “Windows only” card ? – SOLVED – ZoneMinder Forums

Restart your Internet Browser again, and start up web cam. All configuration was completed as above, but the webcam does not show up through the browser.

For example, if you want to use webcam, you have to open up ports 21, 80, IP address changes only when routers are re-configured typically when they add new subscribers. However, the symptoms would not happen when the days of the geovisioh month are geoivsion than those of the previous month.

BTTV cards list — The Linux Kernel documentation

When you call from remote, key in the address of your server and append with: What do I do when a system cannot dial through the phone? A quality 4 channel unit would be about as much as a computer, many people on this board can help you pick out a good geoivsion. Registering a new account is quick and easy