Check connection between the video cable and LCD screen. All i Know is that it is fused to the motherboard but can it be done anyway? My fan now is very quiet! Thanks, your step by step instructions really helped me to clean my fan, due to dust it was making loud whirring sound, but now the noise is normal. Thank you for the guide. Mine see, to go under the mother board by the fan?

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They are cheap and worth trying. Thanks for ur support, but what can I do 2 my HP COMPAQ nc notebook when I plug it to the charger power the laptop comes on without me using the power button, and after a few minutes it will stop charging while the charger is plugged to it, so pls what do I do thanks.

Check out the service guide on the page Are you running it with an external monitor? Hc6320 you can pull the cable our of the connector.

Matthias, Sorry, I cannot help here. On the picture below you can see the connector in the unlocked state.


Hewlett‐Packard (HP) Compaq nc display make and model – HP Support Community –

All i Know is that it is fused to the motherboard but can it be done anyway? MikeJ, My NC screen is constantly distorted and flickering and is displqy as the screen lid is moved up and down. I have a problem here. Mine see, to go under the mother board by the fan? Thank you for your generous donation!

I have a compaq persario. I look at the wire but it looks great. I doubt that you can find them. Now I was wondering if u could help with another issue. I have referred others to your site. Done with no probs at all! It started with a vertical line up the screen and got gradually worse. You are correct both memory slots can be accessed from the bottom and located close to the Wi-Fi card. I have an HP zv series laptop.

While Using skype there is more noise even format and drivers reinstall, but still continue the problem, but while making a skype call, that time i touch the such external port Earth Contact noise will be reduce but not clear.


HP Compaq Nc6320 Laptop LCD Screen Assembly 15″

Try replacing the screen. Try reconnecting the cable. Hope donation helps as much as you helped me. Hey, You are fast answering!!!

Easy to follow instructions and well illistrated. Dear readers, it takes countless hours to create content for this site and keep it up and running. Thank U very much for Your Guidness.

Remove the memory cover. Or is the motherboard in one of these pictures? Paolo, I have red your article and it helped me a lot changing the internal ram. It is possible to disllay Sound card? Can you please show a photo of the back of the keyboard.

Very thanks for infos! I can surmise that the memory modules are beneath a cover, I remove the cover and see two compartments, one is the mini-PCI communications device, and hopefully, the other contains the memory modules.

August 2nd, at 7: