This indicates the option bit for selection whether nonvolatile or volatile. Protected Area Function In the case when pin 28 is ground, or low, the drive is a Master. I received the correct hard drive and it worked the first time and continues to work. Having the correct model number is NOT sufficient information to properly identify a compatible laptop hard drive! Deviations From Standard 9. Most relevant reviews See all 7 reviews.

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Identifier 1- Master, 0- User bit 1—7: Set Max Security Mode Transition This command requests a transfer of a single sector of data from the host. Write Multiple c5h This indicates the head number of the sector to be transferred.

Set Features Command Support Coverage Page 58 -IOCS16 A signal indicating to the host that a bit wide data register has been addressed and that the drive is prepared to send or receive ibk bit wide data word.

The user should use appropriate screws or equivalent mounting hardware to mount the drive securely enough to prevent excessive motion or djaa of the drive at seek operation or spindle rotation.

Page 36 This page intentionally left blank.


Good hard drive The drive is a good replacement for a very old laptop I own. Table Of Contents Table of contents List of figures This ‘protected area’ is used to contain critical system data such as BIOS or system management information.

Low Power Idle Mode The mean of the sample of 40 drives is to be less than the typical value. If the password compare fails, then the device returns command aborted and decrements the unlock counter. Read Look Ahead operation is not carried out, even if it is enabled by the Set Feature command. Page 22 This page intentionally left blank.

IBM DJSA hard drive specification and test

Do not cover the breathing hole on the top cover See Figure 1 on page 4. This 201 is an Open-Drain output with 24 mA sink capability and an external resistor is needed to pull this line to 5 volts.

Vibration tests and shock tests are to be conducted by mounting the drive to a table using the bottom four mounting holes. Device Attribute Data Structure Page This page intentionally left blank.

Security Unlock Command f2h Security Freeze Lock f5h Since the contents of interface registers may be invalid, the host should NOT check the Status register djsq the Alternate Status register prior to issuing a soft reset to wake up a device.


This indicates the option bit for selection whether nonvolatile or volatile. Read Native Max Address f8h Security Disable Password f6h However the device can be unlocked using the Master Password.

IBM DJSA-210 – Travelstar 10 GB Hard Drive Specifications

Write information data such as BIOS code within the protected area. If you regulaly scan and defrag it is quick because of size. Specifically, unloading of the heads is invoked by the following commands. Write Log Sector subcommand Xjsa This command writes bytes of data to the specified log sector.

Read operation mode Performance: This indicates the head number of the sector to be transferred. Format track data field forma Start up time period from spindle stop or power down. Please compare the advertisers images to your hard drive to correctly identify the connector type.