It is recommended that you keep extra battery cells on hand as you will not be able to unlock your batteries on the Terminal if the battery is dead. You can also click on the Buy Online tab to link through to our online dealers. Note also that the software will not operate on tablets or mobile devices of any kind. Lifetime Warranty — full replacement. Unlike some competitor theft-deterrent systems which require a newly-Bluetooth-enabled battery that costs more, or needs an adaptor for existing batteries , all Makita batteries in the field with L. SoK wrenches are unconditionally guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the No, the use of a converter or power inverter may cause damage to the charger and will void the warranty.

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How do I find my nearest Makita Distributor? Makita recommends simply charging a brand new battery to a full charge before using it. Makita offers a range of impact driver and screwdriver solutions.

Always refer to your Instruction Manual for proper usage. Most common reciprocal blades are compatible for use on Makita reciprocal saws, but verify in your tool’s Instruction Manual prior to use. How do I program a battery? How often should I change or clean the air filter on my power cut saw? In addition, 4-cycle equipment has reduced exhaust emissions over 2-cycle equipment. Can I register my battery on Makita website?


Makita makes several replacement blades that fit the saw for a range makiat metal cutting applications. The models that end in an “L” have brushes in the motor. When loading, be sure that the cord is connected properly between the Terminal and the computer or laptop.

But any TC3-grade 2-cycle oil is formulated for use in these products.

MAKITA – Cordless and Corded Power Tools, Power Equipment, Pneumatics, Accessories

As mentioned, we recommend that you leave the Registration Cross Pin at the default setting of four zeroes for ease-of-use. Does “over discharging” have a negative affect on the battery? How can I order parts for my Makita products?

See the Quick Start Guide for additional information. What do all the switch settings mean? Now, with majita side-switch set at “Registration’, slide the battery onto the Terminal, wait for the tone and the Registration light to flash.

Makita BFTFZ V Cordless Screwdriver – Blue | eBay

Note that the PIN must be assigned to each battery before you can set the lock-out schedule. I am going to be putting down new deck boards using 4″ screws. Is a random orbit sander better than a regular finishing sander?

Once a PIN has been assigned to the Terminal while connected to your computer or laptop, the Terminal is ready to program your batteries. You will be taken to the product detail page of the model entered. IPM 0 – 2, Torque in.


Makita BFT080FZ 9.6 V Cordless Screwdriver – Blue

Shown with optional socket. The charge time for the batteries are as follows: National Call Center, located in Buford, Tooks, between the hours of 8 a.

This is the most common setting for everyday use. What advantage would I gain in purchasing a 4-cycle blower versus a 2-cycle model?

What is the difference between “hypoid” gears and “worm drive” gears? In general, a lower RPM setting will deliver higher torque which is often best for fastening screws into wood studs. What does nnut mean? Makita Lithium-Ion batteries are manufactured to strict standards, and are engineered with internal electronic circuitry to monitor the battery conditions when in use with Makita tools and chargers. Note also that the software will not operate on tablets or mobile devices of any kind.

Have extra battery cells on hand in your job box or job site.