You may eventually need to fold the sweatband a bit to avoid the latching hook, but this will help with the placement of the cap on the frame. At this point, it may need to be folded a bit to fit in the frame. Hook the latch on the strap into the hook on the latch post. Select the cap frame that corresponds to your driver. Slide the red driver assembly onto the lower arm and support shaft.

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If a visor holder is purchased and installed, position the cap’s visor in the holder at this time. Slide the cap onto the cap frame with the visor facing upward and toward the rear. This may be easier if the grabber bar of the machine is closed.

Amaya Melco Wide Angle Cap Frame 34036

Slide the cap frame onto the gauge, making certain the locating tab on the cap gauge fits into the cap frame’s notch, and the cap frame slips firmly under the two roller clips. Indent the cap material along the clip posts.

Notice the orientation of the ring in the picture. The wide angle driver is now removed.

Remove the hook guard by loosening the screws on either side of the lower arm with a 2mm hex wrench, and sliding the hook guard forward. Push fgame on the middle of the cap frame strap at the top to seat it around the sweat band. Adjusting this strap is only necessary when hooping a different style of cap for the first time using the cap frame.


To adjust the cap frame strap, loosen the two wing nuts on the caps left side.

Watch to make sure the backing is still in place. To do this, place the palms of your hands on the gauge and put your fingers on the frame, then pull your fingers to your palms until the cap releases from the gauge.

You may need to fold or adjust the sweatband of the cap slightly to accommodate the hook and latch. Pull the side of the sweatband toward the cap frame and down, and smooth any bunching of the cap sides or sweatband. The buckle should be tight.

Then attach the raised needle plate by securely tightening the screws in place. The brim should be pushed against the bill-stop on the frame.

Amaya Melco Wide Angle Cap Frame | eBay

Failure to remove the hoop arms will result in the wide angle driver colliding with the arms during sewing. To do this, use a 6mm allen wrench to loosen the two thumb screws attaching each arm.

If hoop definition is not selected properly, severe equipment cqp may result. Later installations should not require this step. You will need to use enough backing so that the backing covers the embroidery application area. Then, slide the lower support shaft out of the t-channel and off the machine. The centering mark on bill stop can be used for reference. The space should be enough for the card sbut no more.


Slide the red driver assembly onto the lower arm and support shaft. The cap is now ready to be placed on the cap frame driver on the machine.

Installing & Removing the Red Wide Angle Driver

Using two of the thumb screws from the hoop arms, attach the red driver to the x-carriage of the machine. Tighten the two knobs. Remove meloc hook guard by loosening the screws on both sides of the lower arm using a 2mm hex wrench, and sliding the hook guard forward.

When the left side of the cap is within the strap’s hinge post, swing the strap up and over the cap brim. This will ensure the entire cap sewing field has backing.

Now, slide the cap on to the cap frame. While maintaining the cap visor centering and front snugness as described in the previous two steps, you must now perform three basic functions in unison with your right hand: If sewing on the sides of the cap, smooth the cap material backward and over the clip posts on both sides. Check and re-hoop if necessary.